Miracle Verde was started in 2008 to serve and develop green companies including water, biofuel, and fertilizer enhancers. Like most successful entrepreneurial companies, our leader’s have the expertise and “a passion for the business, products and product experience”. Since our beginning, Miracle Verde has purchased a major production facility, partnered with a premier, proven and seasoned production company, with current bottling contracts in place; and, are in the midst of closing on a retail distribution outlet, which may ultimately be franchised throughout the world.
Ever since WWII, we have been “putting gun powder” on our soils on our soils and “feeding steroids” to our crops, to increase yields; reducing the nutritional value of our crops, depleting our soils,polluting our...
Miracle Verde's mission is to continually develop organic and green companies, serving a broad range of markets with innovative technologies, that reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.
Miracle Verde BioFertile, Inc.
18 Jonathan Drive
Bayville, NJ-08721
Mail: info@miracle.com