Miracle Verde translated into over a half dozen languages means "with green' or "green". No matter which language you speak, Miracle Verde Group is rapidly becoming one of the premier management and green services companies in North America, with expertise developing organic and green companies focused on building a better world. Miracle Verde services include management, sales & marketing, distribution, sourcing, and manufacturing. We offer a wealth of experience and expertise. Miracle Verde world class products include spring water, fertilizer enhancer, biofuel and related derivative products.
Spring Water Products
Made with water from the famous Memphis “500 Sands” aquifer, considered to be among the best water in the nation.
Fertilizer Enhancer
100% organic and non-toxic. Enhances fertilizer and pesticides, reduces irrigation costs, and increases yields. Derived from humate, rich in humic and fulvic acids
Uses sugar cane or molasses. Our proprietary process requires single pass filtering compared to the three pass filtering process used by most corn biofuel producers.